Magic Bean Day 10 – My Magic Beans Are Growing!

Magic BeanFinally, my magic beans have emerged from the crystal soil. And now I can see their faces 🙂   No matter how many beautiful flowers and potted plants I have, somehow, I just feel very exciting and magical whenever I witness the process of a seed growing into a baby plant.

Magic Bean

Magic Bean Magic Bean

Some of my magic beans have emerged from the crystal soil since Day 7.  This is the day right after I dug out my magic beans and planted them on the top layer of the crystal soil once I found that I might have planted the seeds too deep (check post: Magic Bean Day 6 – Some New Colors for My Crystal Soil). Lucky that I have done so early enough, else, my magic beans might have exhausted themselves and die in the crystal soil.

Magic BeanApparently, the magic beans in this container are doing not as well as those in other containers. While pushing the seeds too deep into the crystal soil is a problem that causes some magic beans to grow better than others, I am suspecting that the size and shape of the container maybe another major factor of weak, unhealthy seedlings.

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  • Nikita


    I bought exact the same product, but from a online gadget shop. I received 10 in a pack, with all the same messages (you can’t choose the message on the bean). And so far I planted two(in a small clay pot with potting compost) both grew but there were no words on the bean.

    I have the feeling that it has to do with the amount of water and sunlight (Celsius) that my plant received. The Beans in the pack came without any kind of information guide, could you give me the ideal circumstance to grow these beans? Also in one of the blogs about the Magic Bean I saw a picture were you removed the “cover” (outer layer of the bean), should you do that or can you let nature deal with it.

    Thank you.


    Ps; sorry if it’s hard to understand 🙂

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Nikita,

      Do you mean that there are words on the red outer shell, but when the outer shell comes off, you find no words on the bean itself? If this is the case, then I guess it’s just a matter off how deep the words are engraved into the bean. I think this is not a matter for watering and sun exposure 😉 Water your bean when the soil is dry, and give your bean lots of sunlight. As for the shell, let it come off naturally. I removed the shell only when most of the shell had already detached.

      Happy Gardening!

  • Nikita

    Hi Sandy,

    I would like to know the name of the supplier were you bought the Magic Bean. The Magic Bean that I received from the supplier 20 units, all failed to grow (100% failure rate). Can you order it online for the supplier?

    Thank you

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Nikita,

      I bought them in China, but I don’t have the contact of the shop and I don’t think they sell online. There are many reasons the magic beans do not germinate, for example, the beans might have been kept too long (not necessarily by you, but by the supplier)…

      Do you want to try the magic beans again? How much did you pay for the 20 beans?

  • Henry Nguyen

    is this ok if my magic beans is in soils n i take it up to look at it? because i did! and is been 6 days but it havent been growing up! wat do i do?

    • Henry Nguyen

      and it this ok if i leave them in the dark? that wat the other websites told me! please help me

      • Sandy Sandy

        Hi Henry,

        So, it sounds like there isn’t any root or new leaf growing out from the seeds huh. And no! You shouldn’t leave the seeds in the dark. At the very beginning, the seeds will need a stable environment (soil in this case), right temperature (warmth) and water to start germination. And once the process has kicked off, it needs light.

        Try to keep your seeds in a bright area with no direct sunlight 😉


        • Henry Nguyen

          gosh! thanks you! i read it on the other website! and they say that i shuold leave it in the dark! so it ok if i take a look at it? and thanks a lot!
          Have a nice day!

          • Henry Nguyen

            and i just check again, and it smell really really bad!i think i fail! i bought 10 beans but they only ship 9 beans i used 5 and i bought some crystal soils to! but they didnt ship it here yet! so i was so excited so i planted them in the soil! i dont think i shuold have done it! *sad*

          • Sandy Sandy

            It’s usually not ok to take a look at the seeds, because they need a stable environment to start germination. But for the first few days, especially when the beans are not growing at all, it is ok to take a look at them once 😛

            It is definitely not the matter of regular soil or crystal soil. I wonder if your seeds have already “expired”. You see, most seeds, if not all, become unusable as time passes. It depends on the type of seeds as well as the environment we keep them in.

            Where did you buy these seeds and crystal soil?

  • Henry Nguyen

    i bought them from ebay

  • Henry Nguyen

    so now im growing them again can you please tell me how to do it? please help me! i even shift the soils to made is softer!

    • Sandy Sandy

      Sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy lately, am out of town indeed. How is your bean growing? Roots and leaves should have grown out by now huh 😉

      • Henry Nguyen

        ehh! no not when i grow them in the soils! it been smell really bad liek worse than my garbage can! so i threw it away! but i got crystla soil from ebay! so i grew it n it work! tehy been grow very strong! n it alrite!

  • Sally

    I have bought some beans on ebay, and so far they have not grown yet. 🙁 But I’m wondering, since the magic crystal soil can dry up, what do you do? do you add more water to it? And also, if you have to do that then the top soil won’t receive the water, right?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Yes, the crystal soil will get dried up and you would need to add water. You can mix the soil so to make sure not only the bottom soil receive the water.

      Hope this help. Have a happy new year!

  • Thomas King

    Hi! 🙂
    I would like to ask you, that is it possible to make your own magic bean at home? I ordered magic beans from ebay, to suprise my girlfriend, but i got only “friends forever” beans. So the question is, that is there any way to engrave some word or a heart on a classic bean at home?

    Thank you! 🙂

  • I don’t think you can engrave them yourself unless you have the machinery. Plus they would be rather time consuming I would say.

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