Keeping a Garden Journal

Besides sunlight, nothing can be more valuable to an indoor gardener than her garden journal. A record of your plants’ details, such as the purchasing dates of your plants, the dates when your plants bloom or mature, the sizes, the colors, and all other information you have found about your plants, is an essential resource of your gardening experience. Your gardening journal will help you answer questions about what your plant may need if it starts looking poorly, and will remind you of what works and what doesn’t.Garden Journal - Magic Bean

Take Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of describing how distorted the shape of my echeveria has become, or how well (or bad) my African violet is growing, I record all these simply by taking photos of my plants every once a while. By taking photos of your plants and keep the photos clearly labeled, you will have a good visual growing history of your plants.

Keep Labels That Comes with Your Plants

garden-journal-01These labels usually contain some basic information about your plants, such as the name of the plants, water needs and light requirements, suitable soil, as well as other plant care information. Gardening beginners will find this information especially helpful when the gardener doesn’t even know the name of her plant. While there are many helpful sites and resources online, it can be difficult to find helpful information of your plant thru the internet if you don’t even know the name of your plant.

Start Your Gardening Journal Now

There is no better time than NOW to start your garden journal. You will never have to remember the details of your plants anymore. You can always check your photos or written records to find out the date you last repotted your plants, or how your plant looked before you relocated it from your room to the balcony, etc, etc.

So, start your garden journal now! And you will be glad you did!

Happy Gardening!

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