My Star Got Crashed

Tabletop Garden My StarA few weeks ago, my father knocked down the two cacti in my tabletop garden – My Star when he was rushing to the windows to save the carpet and furniture from getting wet by a sudden rain.

Actually I should have anticipated this… After playing and observing this tabletop garden for a while, I have found its design deficiency – weak support. The red and yellow cacti were very tall, yet, lack of strong support. There were neither plants nor rocks to provide the cacti with enough support.

So, there is really nobody for me to blame on, but myself. The deficiency of the garden design is what that caused the collapse of my tabletop garden.

That’s great! Now I have learned my lesson :mrgreen:

Tabletop Garden My Star

Since the red cactus wasn’t looking very good, I took it away and rebuilt my tabletop garden – My Star.  I left the garden like this for a month, making sure the cactus and the succulent were doing fine before putting the final touch.

Tabletop Garden My Star Tabletop Garden My Star Tabletop Garden My Star

A month later…  After confirming that both my cactus and succulent were doing fine, I added in a layer of black rocks and brought back the original look of my tabletop garden – My Star 🙂

Tabletop Garden My Star

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