Magic Bean Day 33 – My Magic Beans Are Climbing!

Magic BeanI didn’t pay much attention to my magic beans after I repotted my plants and put them in the balcony.  And when I checked them out a few days later, I found that the “I Love You” bean and the “I Like You” bean had already grown so much.

It is not until later, after some quick research, did I learn that many climbing plants are actually fast growers.  Hmm… may be my magic beans are ones of these fast growing climbers huh.

Magic Bean Magic Bean

This is my first time growing climbing plants.  In fact, I didn’t expect growing any climbing plant until now, when I saw the long tendrils of my magic beans twining with each other :mrgreen:

Since I don’t want my magic beans to grow on the ground, I have added a pole next to each of my magic beans, and twined the plants around the poles.  I don’t know how well will this work.  In fact, I still haven’t yet decided where should I grow these magic beans.  And what should I do if my magic beans outgrow the poles in another week? Hmm…

Magic Bean Magic Bean

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