Tabletop Garden – Where is the Fish?

Tabletop Garden - Fishbowl of Cactus

It is pretty quick and easy to make this tabletop garden – Where is the Fish?  And it’s so cute too! 🙂

Tabletop Garden - Fishbowl of CactusFrom the cacti which I bought a bit too many earlier for other cactus gardens (see Cactus Garden, In the Outer Space), I picked 2 of the smaller ones and put it in a small fishbowl container. I have also added a layer of perlite on top of the soil for decorative purpose, as well as for better drainage.

2 comments to Tabletop Garden – Where is the Fish?

  • Rovie

    Hi! I was wondering what the specific name of the small cacti is called and where can I purchase it..THANKS!

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Rovie,
      I bought this in a flower market in Hong Kong. I am not very sure of the botanical name of this cactus since everyone in the flower market always identify plants by Chinese common names. But I would guess that it’s a Haworthia, maybe a Astroloba or Poellnitzia.

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