Tabletop Garden – Cactus Jungle

Tabletop Garden - Cactus Garden

Here is another tabletop cactus garden.  Since this tabletop garden is bigger and has many more cacti than my other cactus tabletop garden – Cactus Garden, I simply called it the Cactus Jungle. :mrgreen:

Tabletop Garden - Cactus Garden Tabletop Garden - Cactus Garden

Because I wanted this tabletop garden to be viewed from all sides, I put the tallest cacti in the middle.  Then, I packed as many cacti as I had, so to make it feel like a jam-packed garden.

Tabletop Garden - Cactus Garden

I put my tabletop garden – Cactus Jungle outside my North-facing balcony.  Hopefully, my cacti find enough sunlight there.  In addition, I rotate my garden on a regular basis to make sure that all the cacti have enough sunlight on all sides.

2 comments to Tabletop Garden – Cactus Jungle

  • Pat

    Hello again Sandy.

    Wow you like cacti as well. I’ve liked cacti pretty much my whole life too.

    I live in Canada so I am limited to the more hardy varieties. I especially like the Opuntia Cacti. Even though we get sub zero temperatures in winter, I have several types that I have planted outside and survive the winter temps quite well. These Opuntia’s also bloom each year (in mid July) as well.

    I would love to share some pictures of my plants with you,
    if you like.

    Best regards and happy gardening from:
    Fig tree/Cacti

  • Abdallah

    Hello Sandy,

    I recently purchased a small cactus and I have no idea what’s it called. on google your pics came up and here it is.
    in the pic where you show the work in progress, you have 3 already planted: 1 in the middle and the other 2 behind it. what are those 2 called?

    Thank you,

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