Tabletop Garden – Cactus Garden v2

Tabletop Garden - Cactus Garden v2As I said earlier, I originally planned to cover my tabletop garden – Cactus Garden with a layer of off-white gravels.  But since I couldn’t find any on hand, I used some big black stones instead.  While the tabletop garden looked pretty cool with the black stones, the picture of the garden covered with small gravels had always been in my mind.

Tabletop Garden - Cactus Garden v2

So, finally, to stop my restless itch for remaking the garden, I went to the flower market and bought some perlites yesterday.  And here is my Cactus Garden Version 2! 🙂 I am very happy with it, especially the little caution camel crossing sign that I made.

4 comments to Tabletop Garden – Cactus Garden v2

  • Wini

    Sooooooooo cute! I love the camel sign too!

  • Genene

    Can you please identify the plant that looks similar to an aloe plant in your table top cactus garden (both versions). I was given one as a present not too long ago and am having trouble with it but am not sure why. I think I’m over watering it because the very bottom has become very flimsy and has fallen over but I’ve only watered it once this month. Please help! I cannot find anyone who knows what it is or who can help me.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Genene,
      It is Haworthia Fasciata, commonly called Zebra Haworthia. Does your container have a drainage hole? If there is no drainage hole in your container, then you might have watered your succulent too much in one time. How about the size of the container? It can also be the cause of the problem if the container is too big for your plant.

      Hope this help! 😉

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