Magic Bean Day 54 – Training and Supporting My Climbing Beans

Garden Journal - Magic Bean It was really windy last week.  The wind was blowing fiercely that my two pots of magic beans kept toppling so often that I finally gave up getting out to the balcony and trying to keep them straight.  It was then I knew I should find  a more suitable place for my climbing plants as soon as possible, somewhere with good support for the vines to grow, avoiding the plants from collapsing.

And I am happy that I have found a water pipe which I have never taken any notice of until now.

Haha! Anyways, I hope it works 🙂

Garden Journal - Magic Bean Garden Journal - Magic Bean

To train the climbing plants, I had the vines wrapped around the water pipe, then gently tied the ends of the vines with a thread.

Garden Journal - Magic Bean

Here is where my magic beans used to be.  As you can see, the balcony railings are covered with a transparent, banister guard (to avoid my playful yorkshire terrier from jumping out), which is too smooth for my climbing plants to hold on to for some support.

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