Tabletop Garden – A Green Cappuccino

Tabletop Garden - A Green CappuccinoThis is my latest tabletop garden – A Green Cappuccino. Ever wonder what those greens are? They are not moss or some type of groundcover plants, bDragon Fruitut believe it or not, they are dragon fruit seedlings – one of those exotic, bizarre-looking fruit which you can find in Southeast Asia.

Dragon Fruit

Tabletop Garden - A Green Cappuccino Tabletop Garden - A Green Cappuccino

For better drainage, I used a plastic container with drainage holes. And in order to get the plastic container to fit into my coffee cup, I cut up the container and made some alterations.

Tabletop Garden - A Green Cappuccino Tabletop Garden - A Green Cappuccino

Besides creativity, this part also requires some skills and lots of patience 🙂

13 comments to Tabletop Garden – A Green Cappuccino

  • lmn

    Very unique and adorable. And very inspiring for my very non-green thumbs!

  • Very creative. It is so cute too. A coffee lover like me would be happy to see things out of coffee mugs. Btw, I found your blog through blotanical. Just dropped by to say hello. Have a great day!

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Stephanie, thank you for dropping by. I love container gardening, not only because this is my only choice (haha), but because it gets me to stretch my creativity and find fun ways to grow plants.
      N Blotanical is a great place to meet other alikes, isn’t it? I like it much 🙂

  • Edward Hui

    I love the green Cappuccino. It is great.

  • Cute is cute but what will happen when they grow bigger?
    Will trimming will made them stay tiny and small?
    Will try one of these when I get the seed.

  • Terrie

    I just stumbled across your site today & am much inspired. As a busy working mom, I find succulent container gardening fits well in my hectic schedule–the succulents are tolerant of neglect for weeks & I can do my “gardening” even indoors (or on my lighted porch) at night. I’ve recently started creating themed tabletop gardens for myself & as gifts for friends & family. Everyone loves them,even guys! (my 23 year son just gave me 10 new plants I didn’t have yet for my Mother’s Day gift) I think men like their “alien” from another planet look. My concrete front porch is quickly becoming covereed with groupings of containers. So far I’ve made a beach scene complete with dunes, seashells, sand, driftwood, & glass florist stone design elements in a mini oval galvanized washtub with several mini cactus, a kalanchoe, I even found a tiny bisque segull to perch on the driftwood. I made a more traditional Asain floral style arrangement in a teal colored footed pedastal rectangular dish & included decorative chopsticks for both an artistic element & support for newly planted succulents. 2 bisque Chinese wading birds next to a large flat glass florist stone that gave the appearance of a reflection pond. One artist friend says that I have finally found my medium for frustrated artistic expression. It has also given me a vehicle to display collections of seashells and rocks I’ve had stashed in boxes & jars for years! (Just make sure shells epecially are well-washed with clear water to eliminate any salts or minerals from ocean water that could damage tender succulents.) I’m also experimenting with using “recycled” containers (like tea & coffee tins) and “repurposing” other materials (like the bean-like pellets that come in plush toys) as ground cover. I have a row of colorful Harny & sons tea tins that I got free from a local Starbucks planted with single heads of beautiful echerverias! I’m even thinking of pulling out my collection of miniature cats that have been in storage for over 20 years & including them in my arrangements. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for providing additonal inspiration!

    • Sandy Sandy

      Wow Terrie, amazing! I would love to see how your container gardens look like!

    • Sandy Sandy

      Terrie, it definitely seems like you are having lots of fun creating themed tabletop gardens. And same here. I love designing and making tabletop gardens. It is so much fun and satisfying, not to mention how well this type of gardening suit the busy lifestyle of nowadays city people.

  • this is realy such a nice we r planting in bangladesh.i like it very much

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Kabir,

      Nice to meet you here. I have visited your blog and learned that you are a chef in Maldives. What a nice place to be!!! 😀
      And yes, I love the dragon fruit. I guess Maldives has dragon fruits too, ya?


  • stephen

    hi sandy. this is very inspiring. i also am into container gardening. my wife is even complaining that i have too much plants in my house. but here in canada you can only spend half of the year planting outdoors, so i do my planting half of the year indoors.
    i love dragon fruit and we do have some back home in the philippines. but most of them are imported from thailand.
    and kabir. that’s a very nice place. would love to visit one day.

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