Tabletop Garden – In the Outer Space v2

Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space v2To match the name of this tabletop garden – In the Outer Space better, I have taken away the moss and covered the pots and soil with black stones instead.

Which one do you like more?

Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space v1

Tabletop Garden – In the Outer Space v1

4 comments to Tabletop Garden – In the Outer Space v2

  • Doreen Tan

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading your site. I’ve learned a lot and it definitely makes my gardening easier. I have a question I hope you can help me. Do we water cactus and how often? I read some books that we almost never water cactus. Is this correct? I live in Singapore which is relatively hot and humid. Thanks.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Doreen,
      I am happy to know that you’ve found my sharing helpful 🙂
      And yes, cactus needs water just like all other plants. It may appear that the cactus doesn’t need water, yet this is only because the plant has high tolerance to drought conditions. Different cacti, different seasons, humidity, sun exposure, and such affect how often we water our plants. But just like many other plants, there is this rule of thumb that we can follow when we water our cacti and we should be safe – water only when the soil is dry to the touch, and when we water, we must water thoroughly until water start dripping from the drainage hole.
      In addition, it is easier to overwater than underwater. So if you touch the soil and not sure whether or not to water your cactus, I would suggest you to wait for another day or two.
      OK! Let me know if there is more I could help. Happy gardening!

  • aida a. llave

    i just opned your site about 2 days ago and I really enjoyed reading every bit of information on gardening you care to share to everyone…thanks for all the sharing you posted for us, plant and gardening lovers…

    may i address a question which i’m sure you can readily share your answer..can cactus plants survive indoor atmosphere (inside a living room) for quite a long time , say, for a week or two with porper watering?

    again, thank you fo your reply on this query and hope to hear and learn more on gardening with you. God bless and more power…


    • Sandy Sandy

      Yes, we can keep our cacti indoor for 1-2 weeks. In fact, if our cactus is a small one, we can keep the plant indoor, near a window side, for even a longer period of time. But if we can’t keep the cactus near a window side, but only somewhere inside the living room in the shade, we better bring our cactus to a sunny area for a day or two every 1-2 weeks. Yet, don’t put your small cactus that has been so used to the indoor environment under a full blown sun all of a sudden. The plant will not be used to the hot sun, and may get sunburn 😉

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