Tabletop Garden – In the Outer Space

tabletop-cactus-garden-209While some girls don’t find my tabletop cactus garden – In the Outer Space – absolutely lovable, all the guys, whom I have shown this tabletop cactus garden to, like the garden right at their first sight.  Maybe it’s the strong contrasts of colors and shapes in the cactus garden that most guys find very cool about. I am not sure why.  But anyways, I love these cacti.  They are just soooo lovely 🙂

Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space

When I bought these 3 cacti along with many others, I didn’t plan to put them together in a garden.  But after some mix  and match, I found these three cacti looked fantastic together!  And even better, I found a container that could fit in these three cacti perfectly well!

Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space

For potting soil, I repotted all three cacti with cactus mix.

Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space

The cactus on the right is too small.  So I put an eclipse-mint box to give some height to the shorty.

Tabletop Garden - In The Outer Space

For decorative purpose, I covered the soil and pots with moss.  It looked great and I liked it…only until later when I came up with the name – In the Outer Space – for my tabletop garden.  Now, I have something in mind, another design for this tabletop cactus garden that I think may match with the name of the garden even better.  It can be very cool.  So, let me give it a try sometime next week 😉

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