Cat Grass Day 1 – It Sounds Too Good to Be True!

Garden Journal - Cat Grass DactylisI have heard of cat grass in a gardening forum before. Yet, since I have no cat at home, I have never given much thought about growing it, but only until recently, when I am planning to make a tabletop container garden for a friend who is a cat lover.

So, a few days ago, I went to the flower market hoping to find some cat grass. And with my luck, I found a store that sold cat grass seeds.

The shop owner told me that it is very easy to grow cat grass. All one has to do is cover the soil mix with cat grass seeds, and water them. There is no need to soak the seeds in advance. And with minimal sun exposure, the grass will start growing and thrive within days. In fact, according to the shop owner, the pot of cat grass in the shop (as seen in the photo above) had just been seeded 4 days ago.

Garden Journal - Cat Grass Dactylis Garden Journal - Cat Grass Dactylis Garden Journal - Cat Grass Dactylis

I was a bit skeptical. It’s just too good to be true! But I gave it a try anyways, and did exactly as what I was told.  So, let’s see how it will turn out to be. And as for the pot, I am using my new Japanese rice bowl which I have just drilled a drainage hole especially for my cat grass.  I love the kitty on the bowl.  It’s just so cute!

6 comments to Cat Grass Day 1 – It Sounds Too Good to Be True!

  • I like your idea of drilling holes into rice bowls – that looks like a porcelain bowl, and you sure did a good job without cracking it. I have two cats that eat up some other indoor plants. so I may try to grow cat grass too. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Gururaj,
      Yes, drilling holes on glass can be a bit scary for the glass will crack if I go too fast. But once I have mastered the skills, almost every container can be a garden container. N how nice would that be! 😉

  • vivienne

    i brought a pack of cat grass stuff, the contents are mostly some kinda gold wood bits/ powder and some seeds.

    the instructions on the package are rather vague:
    “kaifeng, the content of dishes such as uniform shop in the containers, the overall water to be damp, not soaking, 3-five days sprouting can be intake. best planted temperature of 16-29-32.”

    so what am i supposed to do with the contents??

  • Joey

    What are the tiny plants growing next to the cat grass in the first picture?

  • Sandy Sandy


    Those are cuttings of African violet 😉

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