Tabletop Garden – Black N Matching

Tabletop Container Garden - Black N Matching
This tabletop container garden is my gift to my mom for Mother’s Day this year. When I was designing this garden, I wanted it to be an easy-to-maintain garden that requires little time and attention from my busy mom. I wanted the garden to be something cool and fun, while the plants in the garden must be hardy enough to survive on little attention. I don’t want to get my mom discouraged because she thinks she kills the plants in the garden after a few weeks.

Tabletop Container Garden - Black N MatchingSo, this is what I have made for my mom – a tabletop container garden with different low-maintenance indoor plants that have attractive foliage and colors.

I can’t say black is a very popular color for Mother’s Day, and as well, it surely is not my mom’s favorite color (I rarely see my mom wearing anything in black). However, this didn’t cross my mind but only until this morning when I was looking at the photos of the container garden and about to write a post on it. It actually bothered me quite a bit that I called my mom and offered a remake of the garden for her with another container. But surprisingly, Tabletop Container Garden - Black N Matchingshe told me she loves it.  She said that she especially likes the color of the container for it matches perfectly with her black furniture.

What a relief! I am so happy that I called!

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