Tabletop Garden – Kitty Snacks

tabletop-container-garden-cat-01tabletop-container-garden-cat-05After experimenting with growing wheatgrass for about two weeks, I had a pretty good idea of how to grow the grass well in a container, and was more or less ready to make a cat grass tabletop garden as a birthday present for my cat loving friend. And because I wanted the cat grass in the container to be ready for the cats to snack on by the time I gave this garden to my friend, I needed to make this tabletop garden a week in advance.

tabletop-container-garden-cat-03 tabletop-container-garden-cat-04

These photos are taken on the 5th day after I planted the seeds. And since my friend, Janet, is planning to buy a house in the next few months, I added a tiny house in the garden as a little decor. When I gave this catgrass tabletop garden to my friend on the 8th day, the grass was around 6-7 inches tall, just about right for harvesting 🙂

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