Moss Loves Beer

There was some beer leftover from making moss slurry for my moss graffiti last week.  So, instead of wasting the beer, I diluted the beer, and have kept feeding my moss with it for the past few days.  And guess what!  My moss loves it!  I bet it’s like a consecutive days of beer fest for my moss 😀

Growing Moss

The moss has grown into a much greener patch during its beer fest.  However, this beer fest will soon be over for there isn’t much beer left.  And due to the cost, I definitely won’t keep up feeding my moss with beer all the time. But after learning how much moss loves acidic environment,  I am now set to get some acidic soil for my moss.
Here how my moss looked when I just brought it home.

Growing Moss

The pH test paper strips show that tap water has a pH of 7, while the diluted beer has a pH of 5. Generally, moss prefers acidic soil with a pH between 5 and 6.

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