Tabletop Garden – A Shot of Succulent Please!

Tabletop Container Garden - A Shot of Succulent Please!Don’t these little shots of succulents look cute?  We can either put a few of them together on a tabletop or scatter them around in the house, either way, will add a slice of nature and some refreshing colors to our homes and offices.

Tabletop Container Garden - A Shot of Succulent Please!Actually my idea of making this set of four succulent gardens all started with a succulent that I bought in CitySuper 1.5 years ago .  As time passed by, the white little rocks in the container began to turn greenish and look dirty (as shown in the photo on the right).  So, I decided to give its home a renovation.  And since I had a few other small succulents with me, why not give them a colorful new home too!

Tabletop Container Garden - A Shot of Succulent Please!

Tabletop Container Garden - A Shot of Succulent Please! Tabletop Container Garden - A Shot of Succulent Please!

Besides the danger of getting people confused, especially the already-drunk ones, these succulents can make cool decorations for party venue as well 😀

11 comments to Tabletop Garden – A Shot of Succulent Please!

  • Hi Sandy, they are very attractive! Good idea. I didn’t realise we can plant them into little pebbles like this 😉

  • Now the tabletop look picturesque. When I saw that heart shaped leaf at the stores, I really doubt that it can grow. This method of using coloured pebbles is a very good idea. The container looks very colourful now. Can the plants really survive long here?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Tessa – Thank you 🙂
      Stephanie – Yes, they can. And it would be even better if there is a layer of soil in between the pebbles (2 of the 4 succulents have soil in their containers).
      Auutmnbelle – Yes, this plant is called Hoya kerrii. Very much a hardy 😉

  • Andrew

    the colour stuff you use is it crystal soil sometimes called mud? or is it something else?

  • karrianne

    i was wondering… can any succulant work? i do not have tiny ones like this… or do i just take on the pedals from an existing succulent and place them in this and it wil root? the heard shaped one looks similar to a pedal off a jade plant….

    • Sandy Sandy

      Karrianne, many other succulents should work just as fine as cactus. Before you plant the succulent cutting, remember to let the cutting dry for a few days in a warm, dry, shady place 😉

  • wanda

    I have the heart leaf. How do I plant it. A layer of rocks,a layer of soil and a layer of rocks again. All i have is the leaf and a little stem on it. There are no roots on it. How can I get it to grow? Help me. I also have the Miracle leaf. How do I grow it? Just put it in water for a while? Or lay it on damp soil? HELP.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hoya kerrii (heart shaped leaf succulent) is a slow grower. Hence it will take quite a while for your cutting to develop its roots and grow new leaves. Just be patient 😉 Just make sure pot the plant in well drained potting mix and water the plant only when the potting mix is dry to the touch.

      As for the miracle leaf, you can either put the leaf on water or on the soil 😉

  • […] I was giddy as I surfed the internet to find other examples of a table top gardens made mostly of cacti. I found a great instructions about how to do it at this site. After a little more, er, digging, I found a woman who took it to a whole new level at this site. […]

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