Tabletop Garden – In the Wonderland

Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland

This moss garden – In the Wonderland – has bought me so much joy.  From collecting moss in public park to choosing the right garden container, from making sand art in between the soil mix to cutting up my bracelet, necklaces and earrings, it has been an unexpectedly fun, dare-to-try experience.  While I love my moss garden, it is definitely the process that I enjoyed the most.

Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland

I didn’t have much success with the moss that I dug in Tai Po.  The moss stayed pale green and had never grown into a thick, emerald green, spongy carpet (middle) as I hoped for.  But luckily, I found some beautiful moss in the garden of my bonsai instructor (left: the moss in the red bowl is taken from the bonsai garden). And yes, of course I asked for permission before picking the moss in his garden 🙂

Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland

To decorate my garden, instead of spending money on some beads and stones, I checked my closet and picked a few necklaces and accessories that I had put aside and never used for years.  And these are what I’ve found.

Container Moss Garden - In the Wonderland

A gigantic light-orange butterfly, some black giraffes, a crystal blue flower-shaped lake, a pale white laughing Buddha,   “Wonderland” was the very first word came to my mind when I was trying to think up a name for my moss garden.

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10 comments to Tabletop Garden – In the Wonderland

  • Each time when I see moss in the park I thought of your/these fabulous mini gardens! I love to try them one day. I still remember how you propagate the moss. I think this is an interesting project.

    Btw, do you think moss will grow in air-condition offices? Would moss make the office look wierd? I mean only damp and dark places would have moss… so it might not have the ‘green’ branding so much. Nowadays offices like to have green ferns to make the place look green and healthy. Hmm… just a thought to share 😉

    • Sandy Sandy

      Stephanie – Although I have never tried to keep my moss in an air-conditioned room for days, I guess it should be fine if it is not placed near the vent of the air-condition, and if it is kept moist all the time. In addition, different types of moss have different light requirements. Apparently, the moss that I got from the bonsai garden enjoys bright, indirect sunlight. So you may want to check the light level of the spot where you want to put your moss garden before deciding the type of moss you will grow 🙂

  • The moss you have now looks a healthy green. I like to see moss on some of my potted plants, especially my adenium. I used to worry that moss is bad for the plant. How silly of me.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Auutmnbelle – If you find moss in your potted plants, congratulations! This is a good sign, rather than a bad one, for it shows your plants are well established in their pots 😉

  • TQ for the advice! Have a wonderful day Sandy 🙂

  • Curious

    Hello there I’m currently a high school student and am taking a high level biology course. Throughout the year we’re supposed to be conducting an experiment related to biology. I thought about animals such as fish or crabs but found it would be too much work and devastating if death were to occur (in the animal that is). So i have been researching moss lately and am considering doing an experiment on it. i want to solve the age-old buttermilk growth relationship with moss. I wanted to know if i had a pot that is shallow and wide/long and placed moss just in the center, how long do you think it would take to realized an increase in diameter/radius/circumference. I just need something that i could record throughtout the year and recieve data. if you could give feedback that would be excellent!!

    Btw you’re garden is beautiful and unique!! 🙂

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi, are you growing the moss or the moss slurry (moss blended with buttermilk)? The speed of growth really depends on the environment you provide. Moss loves humid and shady places. So it’s much easier to get the moss growing if you provide it a place with no direct sunlight and not too hot and dry.

  • Curious

    I was thinking about just growing moss, not moss slurry. The idea was to water each of the pots normally daily. However, one pot would get a weekly spray of buttermilk. I was wondering if moss if likely to grow out to fit the container it’s in or if it is most likely just to green.

  • Joan Huber

    I’m trying to find an indoor table top moss garden for my husband for his BD (July 22). I love this one but I can’t find any site to buy one pre-made, ready to ship moss garden. Can you help me?


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