Cactus Phone Strap

Cactus Phone StrapMy very sweet friend, Bonita, got me this cactus phone strap as a souvenir when she was visiting France around 6 months ago.  This phone strap is adorable, and the idea of carrying a little cactus around is absolutely cool.  Moreover, it’s small and lightweight, making it a cute accessory for those who want to hang something different on her phone or bag.  So, everything of this phone strap looks perfect, except one thing…

This cactus phone strap would be perfect only if the plant grows as the instruction menu claims 😛

Cactus Phone Strap Cactus Phone Strap

I can’t find any difference, can you?

Cactus Phone Strap Cactus Phone Strap

My babytree is called Kibo.  I have been following the instructions in babytree’s website and kept watering it once every month.  Yet, unlike what the instruction menu says, the cactus hasn’t grown to a size that needs repotting.

Well, after thinking more about it, it’s actually good that my baby cactus is growing so slowly.  Or else, I won’t be able to keep it in my phone strap for much longer.

6 comments to Cactus Phone Strap

  • They are getting more and more creative with plants nowadays. Previously you had the heart shaped plant, now the mini-cactus. Kibo is a cute name. Good luck on Kibo.

  • Hi Sandy, I think it is a very cute idea! It is good that it’s growing slowly. As long as it is healthy and still alive, just enjoy it as it is! Thanks for sharing this;-)

  • Sandy Sandy

    Yes Jan, thanks for reminding! I will just love and enjoy this little cactus as it is 🙂

  • Nadia

    Is that cactus actually alive? Where does it get fresh air from? Also, plants dont like to be moved, I think that a living cactus would die very quickly.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Umm… the my cactus is still looking pretty green, so I guess it’s still alive despite that it hasn’t grown much 😛
      There are holes on the bottom of the plastic container, so the cactus gets fresh air and water from there. And since the cactus is very small, the container can hold the the cactus tight enough that both the plant and the soil won’t move around.

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