Fresh Fig Fruit

I love fig, especially for its sweet, subtle flavor and distinctive, crunchy texture.  It is among the tastiest and most versatile of fruits. But it was always dried figs that I ate.  Only until recently, I have seen and tried some fresh ones for the first time.

Fresh Fig Fruit

There is a fig tree in the bonsai workshop of Hong Kong Institute of Lingnan Penjing.  The tree is quite small, with distinctive lobed palmate leaves.   Every time when I visit, Teacher Wong will tell me to pick and bring home a few figs from the tree.

To prevent birds and ants from invading the figs before we pick the fruits from the tree, we put a plastic bag around each soon-ripen fig fruit.  Ants are actually great pollinators for figs.The fig, actually the flower of the fig tree, attracts ants through the small opening at the end of the fruit. The ants go in search of the sweetness offered, pick up pollen on their feet, and bring them to the next fruit.

Fresh Fig Fruit Fresh Fig Fruit

Fresh figs deteriorate quickly, hence, they should be eaten within a few days after being picked from the tree.  For this reason, dried figs are more popular.  And figs are very nutritious too.  They are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fiber.

7 comments to Fresh Fig Fruit

  • I just recently had a fresh fig and I must say yummy! I thought they’d taste like fig newtons-not even close. They are great!

  • mary

    I think I have a fig tree growing in my front yard. It’s young and just had flowers on it this summer.Could someone send me a picture of a flower from a fig? Right now the tree is covered with flies and bee’s.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Mary,
      We cannot see the flowers of the fig like how we usually do with most other trees because the flowers actually grow inside of the fruit. The fig fruit is an inverted flower with both the male and female flower parts enclosed in stem tissue. 😉

  • nico

    Hi Sandy
    I’m Nico from Indonesia
    I have some figs tree:)
    What is varietas fig do you have?? I have Black Ischia, red skin(I don’t know what is this, I called Red Israel,because I get this one from my friend who’s visit Israel few years ago 🙂 ), Negronne,etc:)
    Do you have facebook account??please chek mine,,then add me at 🙂
    Nice to know u,,:)
    God bless 🙂

    • Sandy Sandy

      The fig tree in my post is not mine, but in the bonsai club where I grow my bonsai trees. While I am not a 100% sure, I heard that it is an Indian fig.

      I have added you on fb, saw your fig and durian photos. Interesting 😉


  • daniel

    Hello, my name is Daniel. Great job with your figs they look fantastic would you like to trade fig cuttings? if so please contact me at I have a few different fig trees and would love to try your tasty looking figs one day. Figs root easily from cuttings and cuttings are easy to ship. I have red, black, yellow, brown, green, and white and would love to share some with you. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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