Hanging Melons

Hanging Melons in GreenhouseThe yellow skin watermelons in the greenhouse of the bonsai workshop are growing fast and nicely.  These watermelons start out green and change to their golden color as they ripen.

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

On the left are cantaloupes, and on the right are yellow watermelons.  On the ground are chayote, maybe??

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

This is a watermelon that has been pollinated for around 7-10 days.

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

We can tell that these flowers have been pollinated by the big bellies they have.

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

Teacher Wong told me that there are 梨瓜 (lee gwar) growing on the ground.  I don’t know how a 梨瓜 looks like, and I don’t know what it is called in English. But  I am guessing that they may be chayote… Well, let’s see.  We will find out as the fruits grow 😉

2 comments to Hanging Melons

  • I’d be interest to know how the lee gwar look like when ripe and how is the taste. Those cantaloupes in the picture look heavy. I’m wondering how they can hold the weight hanging up there.

  • Sandy Sandy

    Autumn Belle – those hanging melons in the photo are yellow-skinned watermelon 🙂 And yes! I will definitely take a few photos of the lee gwar when they ripe!

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