Oncidium Orchid – the Dancing Lady

The number of orchid species is about four times the number of mammal species, or more than twice the number of bird species.

Bulbophyllum (石豆蘭 in Chinese), Cattleya (嘉德麗亞蘭), Paphiopedilum (aka Slipper Orchid, 拖鞋蘭), Vanda (萬代蘭), Dendrobium (石斛蘭), Phalaenopsis (蝴蝶蘭)… there are just too many orchid species that it seems like a mission impossible to tell apart the different species of this beautiful flowering plant.

But after I saw the blooming of Oncidium orchid (aka Dancing Lady, 文心蘭)  a few days ago, I believe that from now on, at least I will be able to recognize the Dancing Lady from all the rest  🙂




No wonder this orchid is also called the Dancing Lady (跳舞蘭).  These ladies are just gorgeous. Don’t you think? 😉

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  • Those orchid are just gorgeous. I’ve never tried growing orchids before but I’ve always admire people who can grow beautiful orchids. Are these yours?

    • Sandy Sandy

      These orchids are not mine but my bonsai teacher’s. He has over a hundred pots of orchids in the workshop and I am responsible to feed all these orchids with fertilizers every week now 🙂

  • Yes they are gorgeous! Dancing Lady orchid is one of my favourites also.

  • Keep up the good work (feeding)! The blooms are on the way~

  • wentzell

    i was told the one i have is called chocolate brown. it appears to be brown with purple edges. it said to be 15 years old. what can you tell me about the care of it. should i cut the stem after it finished flowering? when should it be fertilized and watered ?

    hoping to hear from you
    thanks m wentzell

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi M Wentzell,
      I haven’t come across an Oncidium Orchid called Chocolate Brown. But, in general, Oncidium Orchid likes bright diffused light, in the temperature between 60C – 65C (night time), and 70C – 85C (day time). Water your orchids only when the growing medium is dry. As for fertilizer, apply it in place of a normal water application. It is always best to use fertilizer at 1/2 the recommended rate. Don’t feed your orchid too often, once a month should be sufficient.

      And yes, you should cut off the stem after it finish flowering.

      Hope this help. Happy Gardening!

  • Love my dancing lady she is just beginning

    Love my dancing lady.she just beginning to bloom

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