My Hanging Vandas Updates

In early November, I mounted one of my baby Vanda orchid on a piece of draftwood and the other on a rock, before hanging both orchids on my balcony (see post: My Hanging Vandas).  A month has passed.  I have noticed that the root system of the Vanda orchid that is mounted on the driftwood seems stronger and more vigorous than the one that is mounted on the rock.

Hanging Vanda Orchid

This Vanda orchid likes the driftwood so much that its roots keep drilling into every corner and cracks of draftwood 🙂

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My Hanging Vandas

I have got two baby Vendas from an orchid class earlier.  Like many other orchids, Vendas can be grown on rocks, stones, wooden rafts, etc.  And since I have never tried to grow orchid in any other way besides in pot with perlite, of course, I would love to take this chance and try something that I have never done before 😀

Hanging Vanda Orchid Hanging Vanda Orchid

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Oncidium Orchid – the Dancing Lady

The number of orchid species is about four times the number of mammal species, or more than twice the number of bird species.

Bulbophyllum (石豆蘭 in Chinese), Cattleya (嘉德麗亞蘭), Paphiopedilum (aka Slipper Orchid, 拖鞋蘭), Vanda (萬代蘭), Dendrobium (石斛蘭), Phalaenopsis (蝴蝶蘭)… there are just too many orchid species that it seems like a mission impossible to tell apart the different species of this beautiful flowering plant.

But after I saw the blooming of Oncidium orchid (aka Dancing Lady, 文心蘭)  a few days ago, I believe that from now on, at least I will be able to recognize the Dancing Lady from all the rest  🙂


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It’s Always about Food & Sex


We, women, sometimes complain that men only care about food and sex but nothing else (okay, also football games and gadgets). While it can be quite frustrating and disappointing sometimes, we can also try to be more sympathetic, and understand that these poor guys can really do nothing but try to meet their human biological needs. Food, sex, water and air are the four very basic biological needs that the survival of human race will become impossible if any one of these needs is not met.

It is just part of the nature. All animals know these biological needs, as well as all insects. And apparently, even orchids know this very well too. Indeed, the orchids understand this so well that the plants use these biological needs to lure different insects to work for them for free! Continue reading It’s Always about Food & Sex

$250 Orchid vs. $10 Orchid

Ground Orchid Plants

I got two pots of ground orchids last month.  While the orchid with yellow and green leaves was fairly expensive (HKD 250), the other one was dirt cheap (only HKD 10, less than USD 1.5).  In fact, I didn’t really buy the 10-dollar orchid, but just got it as a giveaway from the orchid shop.  And this is my first time growing orchid.  Even though both orchids look equally beautiful, I had more expectation on the one with yellow and green leaves.  Hey, this orchid cost 25 times more.  It must be better!

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