My Hanging Vandas Updates

In early November, I mounted one of my baby Vanda orchid on a piece of draftwood and the other on a rock, before hanging both orchids on my balcony (see post: My Hanging Vandas).  A month has passed.  I have noticed that the root system of the Vanda orchid that is mounted on the driftwood seems stronger and more vigorous than the one that is mounted on the rock.

Hanging Vanda Orchid

This Vanda orchid likes the driftwood so much that its roots keep drilling into every corner and cracks of draftwood 🙂

Hanging Vanda Orchid

Compare to the Vanda orchid that is mounted on the driftwood, the root system of this orchid is much weaker, with some roots drying up and dying.  In additional, unlike the other Vanda orchid, the root system of this orchid doesn’t hold onto the rock which it’s mounting on.  I guess it doesn’t like the rock that much huh…

Hanging Vanda Orchid Hanging Vanda Orchid

So I found another driftwood for my Vanda orchid and remounted the plant.  Now, both Vandas are mounted on a driftwood.

In hindsight, that rock was a bad choice for mounting my Vanda orchid.  It was probably a rock which my dad used before for decorating his fish tank.  Even though I have socked the rock in water for 24 hours,  it’s probably not sufficient to remove all the impurities in the material.

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