My Hanging Vandas

I have got two baby Vendas from an orchid class earlier.  Like many other orchids, Vendas can be grown on rocks, stones, wooden rafts, etc.  And since I have never tried to grow orchid in any other way besides in pot with perlite, of course, I would love to take this chance and try something that I have never done before 😀

Hanging Vanda Orchid Hanging Vanda Orchid

I searched around the house for materials which I could mount my two Venda orchids onto, and I ended up with a piece of driftwood and a rock which was probably for ornamental use in the fish tank.  I decided to use two different materials because I want to find out how different growing mediums affect the growth of the orchids.

Before I mounted the orchids onto these materials, I soaked them in water for 24 hours to remove impurities in the materials.

Hanging Vanda Orchid

Because I didn’t have any thick wire on hand, I disassembled an old wire hanger and used it to hang up my two Venda orchids.  And it is great!  The rubber coating of the wire hanger provides good protection from scratches made by the wire on where I hang my orchids 🙂

2 comments to My Hanging Vandas

  • Very creative! I like to do this next time when I have a new orchid 🙂 TQ for showing your way. I hope the littte vanda will like the balcony environment. Have a good day!

  • charmaine

    Hi. I have a vanda cutting and have cut the leaves in half and placed the bottom into ordinary soft wppd cutting hormone. How do you suggest I root this vanda?

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