The Mysterious Melons

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

After weeks of anticipation, the 梨瓜 (lee gwar, literally means “pear melon”) in the greenhouse have finally ripened, and I’ve finally got the chance to find out what these mysterious melons actually are.

So these are not chayote, as I have guessed.  In fact, I have never seen this fruit before.  It is like a fuji-apple-size honeydew melon.  The fruit has a smooth greenish-white peel, pale green flesh, with seeds in the center.  It actually tastes a bit like honeydew melon, only that it is not as sweet, yet much crunchier.

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

The yellow-skin watermelons and cantaloupes in the greenhouse will very soon be ready for harvest too! 😀

Hanging Melons in Greenhouse

Hanging Melons in the Greenhouse – September 1, 2009
Yellow Skin Watermelon – September 27, 2009

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