Narcissus Blossom – An Important Symbol in Chinese New Year

Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower

Since Narcissus flower blooms around lunar January, it is one of the most associated flowers with the Chinese New Year. The Chinese like to decorate their homes with this beautiful white Narcissus flower and wait in anticipation of its blossom, which symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the coming year.  In addition, Narcissus has one of the sweetest fragrances!

Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower

Narcissus bulb carving and cultivation is an art.  Here are some Narcissus bulbs which Teacher Wong has craved.  Since they are craved differently, they will grow into different shapes and sizes.

Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower

About a month after carving, some Narcissus bulbs have grown into peacocks.  And the one between the two peacocks is called “crab pincer”.

Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower

left: flower basket (the Narcissus flowers haven’t yet blossomed); right: crab pincer

Narcissus Bulbs

These are the Narcissus bulbs.

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