A Garden Kneeling Pad, a Modern Garden Kneeler, or Garden Knee Pads?

From the basic garden kneeling pad that simply is a piece of cushion to the latest garden kneelers that are ergonomically designed with easy-to-clean, water-resistant folding seat and kneeler, there are many different designs of garden kneeling pad available in the market. And before we begin to search for the perfect garden tools for our kneeling tasks in our garden, we should clearly know our needs in order to select the piece of garden kneeler that work best for us.

Basic Garden Kneeling Pad

Garden-Kneeling-PadA basic garden kneeling pad is simply a pad designed to keep a gardener’s knees in comfort while she/he kneels in the garden for a prolonged period of weeding and other gardening work. These cushions are usually very light in weight and have a handle cut into the cushion that makes them easy to be carried or attached to our garden tool boxes. These garden kneeling pads are usually water resistant and available in bright colors. Due to the shape, size, and material these garden kneeling pads use, they look very much like a swimming float indeed.

garden-kneeling-padWhile a basic garden kneeling pad is great for short term usage, it can become quite uncomfortable if used when weeding our gardens for many hours. In addition, another down side of this type of garden kneeling pad is that it can only be used on garden paths or grass, as it may crush foliage if used elsewhere in the garden.

Modern Garden Kneeler

On the other hand, modern garden kneelers are made in multiple designs and styles that come along with lots of features to make extensive gardening more comfortable. For example, many bench style kneelers are made from heavy duty steel frames that are foldable for easy storage. The cushion of the garden kneeler is attached to the frame and does not come loose easily. Many gardeners like to keep their garden kneelers on a hook by their other garden tools.

Modern garden kneelers can be used as a kneeler while it can also be changed into a foldable seat. Such garden kneelers come with adjustable feature so that the gardener can adjust the height of the seat.

Garden-kneeler Garden-kneeler Garden-kneeler

Garden Knee Pads

A pair of garden knee pad is another option for providing our knees some comfort when we are kneeling in the garden for wedding and other gardening work. One of the advantages of garden knee pads is the convenience of use. We don’t have to carry the garden knee pads around, but simply wear them on our knees, and forget about them while we are working in the garden.Garden-knee-pads

When choosing a pair of garden knee pad, choose those that have two straps rather than just one strap. Garden knee pads with two straps can hold in position better, and allow the gardener to wear the knee pads somewhat looser, which helps to keep better circulation while kneeling.

Try Them Out First

Besides these three types of kneeling tools for our knees and back protection, there are still other types unmentioned. For example, there are ergonomic garden kneelers that work especially well to relieve pressure from the legs and lower back. There ergonomic kneelers provide substantial support to all the pressure points of the body affected by bending, kneeling, and squatting in the garden. Testing different types of kneeling tools will help us find the most suitable unit for our needs.

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