Tips of Choosing a Garden Kneeler

Garden-kneelerIn an earlier post – The Importance of a Garden Kneeler – we talked about how a garden kneeler is a must-have for all gardeners. Many avid gardeners can tell countless stories about the damages and pain they have made on their knees and back over the course of their gardening years tending and maintaining their thriving gardens. Garden kneeler is a critical piece of garden equipment for all gardeners. This one piece of garden equipment will help us to maintain and enjoy our garden for many years to come.
Here are a few simple things we should keep in mind when choosing our garden kneeling pad or garden kneeler:

  1. Study Frame – Check the frame at the seat or the kneeling board to make sure the garden kneeler is sturdy enough.
  2. Ease of Transport and Storage – A good garden kneeler should be easy to be moved and stored. Hence, the garden kneeler should allow for folding when it’s not in use.
  3. Adjustable Height – Many garden kneeler seats are adjustable, so that the gardener can place the bench at the perfect height. The gardener may kneel on the padded seat, use the sides of the kneeler for support, or sit in the seat and bend over. If the garden kneeler is not height adjustable, we should make sure that the garden kneeler is at a comfortable height since the reason we use a garden kneeler is to reduce strain on our body. A garden kneeler of the wrong height can contort us into an awkward position.
  4. Weight Limitation – How much weight can the garden kneeler be able to handle? I would say a good garden kneeler should be rated to handle at least 220 pounds.

While this type of modern garden kneeler is well designed and multi-functional, we may also consider getting a basic garden kneeling pad as well.  Many gardeners find that getting a basic garden kneeling pad and a modern garden kneeler gives them the kind of functionality that is required when they are maintaining their beautiful gardens.

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