Tips of Choosing Gardening Gloves


  • Always try the gardening gloves on to make sure they fit well. Gardening gloves should fit comfortably or your gardening experience will be unpleasant. Tight gloves and gloves too loose that they slide around on your hands or bunch up while working are less likely to be used again. When trying on gardening gloves, try on both hands, make a fist and flex your hands repeatedly to verify the fitting of the gloves.
  • foxgloves-gauntlet-glovesWhen handling roses or other thorny plants, it makes more sense using a pair of gauntlets (gloves with extended cuff covering part of the forearm) than regular gardening gloves. Yes, a pair of rose gauntlet gloves is not cheap (i.e.: Foxgloves Gauntlet costs $35). But for those gardeners who often work with roses and other thorny plants, this is not a luxury but a necessity. Get yourself a pair of rose gauntlet gloves and you will thank yourself for the years to come.

Rubber Gardening Gloves

  • Choose a pair with cotton linings, for this will make the inside of the gloves less sticky and more comfortable.
  • Get a pair of rubberized outdoor gloves. Rubber gloves intended for household cleaning are not designed to endure the abuse they will receive in the garden, and will get punctured and torn easily.

Cotton Work Gloves

  • Get those with rubber dots or pads on the fingers and/or palms. The rubber pads or dots will help us keep a good grip on the hand tools we use.
  • Since cotton work gloves are generally cheap and can be easily bought at many places such as grocery stores and supermarkets, it is a good idea to keep a few pairs available at any given time.

Disposable Gloves

  • Avoid latex gloves due to the increased risk for allergy.

3 comments to Tips of Choosing Gardening Gloves

  • I love the design of the glove shown in the picture 😀 Very avant garde he he… You will look really stylish in the garden wearing those gloves!

    Btw, disposable gloves are bad for the environment also. So, yup, avoid disposables.

    • Tess

      The gauntlet style gloves pictured are just what I am looking for for a fancy dress costume (and I don’t mind spending a bit cos they’ll be useful in the garden too!)…but where are they from – I can’t find a pair like that ANYWHERE!

  • Sandy Sandy

    Yes, I agree that disposable gloves are environmental unfriendly. Thanks for pointing that out Steph 😉

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