It’s Time for Yellow Watermelon Again!

grow-watermelon grow-watermelon

Because of the intensively hot weather in Hong Kong in the recent few weeks, the yellow skinned watermelons in the greenhouse have ripened unexpectedly early this summer. In fact, since all of them ripened all together so quickly, many of them couldn’t be enjoyed in time before turning bad.


So at the end of our last monthly bonsai workshop session, Teacher Wong brought out all the yellow skinned watermelon that were left and treated us a watermelon feast.  Just like the yellow skinned watermelons we had last year, these ones were so sweet.   And what can be better than a sweet juicy watermelon in this crazy burning summer!

A dozen of watermelon, papaya, and other fruits later, 20 of us left the bonsai workshop with a full tummy and a satisfied smile.

4 comments to It’s Time for Yellow Watermelon Again!

  • Oh what a rewarding day! The watermelon looks juicy. I don’t remember I have eaten this yellow skinned type before. The usual watermelons here are huge, have green skin and the flesh is either yellow or red. I hope it’s not going to be hot for long for you.

    Have a great day!

  • Sandy Sandy

    Hi Stephanie,

    According to my teacher, this yellow skinned watermelon is not native, but an award-winning one bred in Taiwan.


  • Sandy, I still remember your previous post about this yellow skined water melon. I still can’t get over my mindset that it really looks like a honey dew! Now, bonsai plants also reminds me of you. Therefore, today I have a post about the Acerola Cherry bonsai which is dedicated to you ;P

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