Caleana major – the Flying Duck Orchid

Caleana Orchid

I received an email that titled “Caleana major – the Flying Duck Orchid” from a bonsai friend yesterday.  When I checked the attached photos, I was amazed.  This orchid surely lives up to its name!

Caleana Orchid Caleana Orchid

Caleana, commonly known as the Flying Duck Orchid, is a genus of orchids native to Australia.  While the appearance of the Flying Duck Orchid is fascinating, I found the orchid’s trigger mechanism that temporarily captures insects to aid pollination equally interesting.

So, Australia is a country that has not only duck-looking animals, but also plants that resemble a duck.  Besides the bizarre looking, duck-billed platypus, Australia also has Caleana, the orchid that looks so much like a flying duck.

And here is a nice, brief introduction of Large Duck Orchid in Australia Land Cove National Park website.

Caleana Orchid

23 comments to Caleana major – the Flying Duck Orchid

  • Named so aptly! Such a unique orchid and cute too.

  • i’st time ecounter, interesting orchids

  • charles

    Very cute orchid that I have never seen before. Does any one know can we plant one at home? Where can we buy it?

  • Sandy

    No one has said where one can be purchased one, do you know?

  • I have seen this orchid. For those above, this orchid cannot be propagated, and is only found in the wild. It is a great little orchid.

  • Allison

    I so want one of these, anyone know of a UK supplier?

  • Teresa

    where can I buy one of these I just have to have one

  • where can I purchase the caleana major orchid

  • Kristine Lewis

    where can I get these from,my friends and I love orchids and these are fantastic

  • roseann

    I would love to obtain a plant in memory of my Mom.

  • roseann

    PS I take care of all her orchids since her passing, they need a new friend!

  • patrice

    Where can I buy the celeana major “flying duck”?

  • Gerda

    Can anyone tell me if the Caleana Major is for sale in the Netherlands, or anyhow for sale.
    Is there a nursery that grows the Caleana Major or is it only growing in the wild.

    Please respont.

    A big fan of Orchids. I have almost 70 diverend sorts of orchids at home.

    • lilian

      Hoi Gerda,
      Ben je nog op zoek naar de Caleana Major ?
      Ik heb zojuist de C M gezaaid; zaadjes gekregen van een kennis, die ze had besteld op
      Leuke site met veel zaadjes.
      Mvg, Lilian.

  • James

    I am also trying to buy the Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana Major), who is growing these for sale to the United States?

  • judy russell

    I want much are they and where can I buy them?

  • judy russell

    caleana major sorry bout that!

  • Mike

    The Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) only grows in Australia, and very sparsely. They are on Australia’s Endangered Plants List. I read one blog that said it would give information on how to obtain this beautiful plant. But, then didn’t give it. I have been searching for some time now. If I do happen to find it for sale, I will promptly post the information here.

  • Please note: NO ONE has been able to grow a flying duck orchid, not even our experts. There are NONE for sale anywhere. There are PROCTECTED in the wild. Please DO NOT encourage anyone to try and buy them. Anyone finding any for sale would have been obtained illegally. Please visit the Native Orchid Society of South Australia website ( for information on this orchid.

  • Mike

    There are at least two illegal suppliers on eBay, who claim to offer this orchid as seed. Please note, the seed they offer is not legal and CANNOT BE GROWN succesfully. This species requires a delicate fungal association to germinate and grow. As NOSSA identify, expert Australian terrestrial orchid growers across Australia have not been succesful in cultivating this orchid.
    If you see this orchid available on eBay, don’t be fooled, report them as offering ilegally collected, protected pants.

  • reinaldo

    You can buy the seeds on e-bay or Amazon but they only give you a few seeds. I bought 200 for .99 cents on Aliexpress “free shipping”. The problem is (very difficult to germinate) but not impossible. Go to Aliexpress. They have Tiger and Monkey face orchids seeds. You will be amazed by the variety of rare orchids you will find there. (sorry for my english).

  • lilian

    Hoi Gerda,
    Ben je nog op zoek naar de Caleana Major ?
    Ik heb zojuist de C M gezaaid; zaadjes gekregen van een kennis, die had ze besteld op .
    Leuke site met vele zaadjes.
    Mvg, Lilian.

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