Hoya Kerrii – My Hearts are Falling Apart!

Hoya Kerrii
My Sweetheart Hoya (left) taken in November 2009 (right) taken in August (2010)

This is my Hoya Kerrii.  It used to be a pretty baby before but somehow since last month its heart-shaped leaves started to wrinkle up, and after a week or two, the leaves began to fall apart 🙁

At first when I found the wrinkled leaves, I suspected that it might be a pest or disease problem. However,  after a thorough checking, I found nothing suspicious.  And because I was very busy with many other events and projects on hand, I didn’t pursue further or take any counter action. (I must confess here for I feel so guilty…)

Hoya Kerrii Hoya Kerrii

And it is not until a week or two later, when most of the heart-shaped leaves have fallen did I guess that the cause may be due to this year’s excessively hot summer.  So from the balcony, I brought it into my room.  It’s been over two weeks already.  Although the burnt wrinkled leaves look more or less the same,  the stems feel a little stiffer and stronger now.

Actually I am not sure if the record-breaking hot weather this summer is the cause of the problem.  As far as I know, Hoya Kerrii is a succulent that can tolerate pretty high temperature…  But anyways, we will see.  Hopefully, my Sweetheart Hoya will get well and be healthy soon again.

11 comments to Hoya Kerrii – My Hearts are Falling Apart!

  • One of my variegated Hoya Kerrii leaf cutting wilted. I didn’t realise that it was touching the damp soil. I have another one which is wilting now! This one I am not sure what’s happening. The leaf looks like burnt from a spot and now spreading to the whole leaf. I think variegated type is quite fussy. When the earlier one wilted, I have a chance to see the root. I was surprised by so little roots formed. Not even half centimetre in length. At that time I have grown the leaf for about a year already. Yours looks like propagated from a stem cutting. I think the plant should have more roots. But maybe just ensure water is soaked to the centre where the roots are when you water. I really hope that your h.kerrii will be healthy soon 😉

  • Sandy, I hope your sweetheart will come back to life again. Good Luck!

  • ngc1997

    Yes, wish your sweetheart will come back soon!

  • Donna

    Hi there I bought 2 hoya kerri’s Lucky hearts for my classroom from ikea but it has no instructions on how to care for them??? please help???any advice on water, sunlight etc???? many thanks Donna

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Donna,

      Sorry for the late reply. Like other succulents, Hoya Kerri loves bright light, yet, don’t put it under direct sunlight for long, or else it may get sunburnt. For watering, Hoya Kerri doesn’t tolerate excessively wet soil. Hence, water the plant only when the soil is dry.

      Hope this help. Happy Gardening 😉

  • Joe

    Hi Donna,
    Just come across your site. I do not know of this plant, but would like to have one for my wife Meirong. Are they subtropical, and where can I find one?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Joe,

      Where do you live? I only know where I can find this plant in Hong Kong, the city where I am currently living now.

      Happy Gardening!

  • Ei

    I am having the same problem with my H. carnosa. The leaves are wrinkle and the vine seems dry too.
    I don’t have experience in growing hoya so I don’t know what to do :(. I water it once a day by a “spray pot”.

    How is your H.kerii now, does it get better?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Ei,

      No, unfortunately my Hoya Karrii didn’t make it. Now I am keeping only a leaf of the plant, yet it has been growing well (at least it always looks the same 😛 )

  • marisa

    my hoya Kerrii has lost every leaf but i still have a very sturdy hard stem( leafless) and im not sure if it a lost causre or if there is anything i can do to have new leaves grow. please somebody help

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