Pat’s Blooming Opuntia & More!

First of all, I would like to thank Pat from Canada for sharing with us photos of her blooming opuntia and some of her other plants. The colors of the opuntia flowers are beautiful.

Pat-Garden-Gallery Pat-Garden-Gallery
Beautiful colors and easy maintenance, don’t you find these factors attractive enough to make you a cactus fan?

Pat-Garden-Gallery Pat-Garden-Gallery
In Pat’s garden, there are small fig trees, and this small one even has fruits!


More plants, very neat and organized.  But what really has caught my attraction is the reflection on the windows.  There I find a big beautiful garden 😉

Winter home that Pat built for some of her plants, very nice. I wish I have something like this too.

2 comments to Pat’s Blooming Opuntia & More!

  • Sandy, How are you? Hope you are doing OK. The flowers of this cactus are pretty. It is amazing to see such a small fig tree bearing fruits. BTW, did your Hoya Kerrii make it?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Autumn Belle!

      Happy New Year! Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, I am doing good. I am pregnant, so I am quite occupied and didn’t have much time on blogging and such 🙂

      Best wishes,

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