Using Crystal Soil as Growing Medium

Potted Plant with Crystal SoilThis is like a method of growing plants that goes in between hydroponics and the traditional way of planting in soil. Same as soil, these crystal soil beads hold up the plant and its root system, absorb and release water for the plant. But like hydroponics, it involves no dirt, is pest free, and easy in maintenance.

All plants need is water, air and nutrients. By using crystal soil and adding liquid fertilizer to the water when hydrating the crystals, your plants will be very happy and grow healthy. The crystal soil beads will absorb the water and liquid fertilizer, and release them together whenever the plant needs them.

Crystal SoilWhile using crystal soil as a growing medium is quite common for gardeners in Hong Kong, it doesn’t seem so in other places, at least not the western countries. Yet, I would guess that the gardeners in other Asian countries, like Japan and Singapore, use crystal soil as a growing medium as well.

Here in Hong Kong, we have crystal soil in many colors. And, I have also seen it in shapes other than sphere.

What Plants are Suitable to Grow in Crystal Soil?

Many plants are suitable to grow in crystal soil, especially those that like humidity and don’t need full sunlight For examples, bamboo, pothos, arrowroot, amaryllis, spider plants, Chinese evergreen, palm, etc. While I have seen promotion photos of cactus in a crystal-soil-filled glass, I won’t try to grow cactus and succulents in crystal soil.

Tablletop Garden - Ocean Breeze

This is my latest tabletop garden – Ocean Breeze.  Beneath the blue crystal soil is a layer of marble and stone.

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