How to Pot a Plant with Crystal Soil

Here, let me show you how to pot a plant with crystal soil (aka soil moist).

Crystal Soil

Put a teaspoon of crystal soil into a container.

Crystal Soil Crystal Soil

Add water and soak them for a few hours according to the instruction on the package. I always add more than enough water for I will drain any excess water with a strainer afterwards. If you use clear crystal soil and want some color crystal beads, you can add food coloring now.

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Using Crystal Soil as Growing Medium

Potted Plant with Crystal SoilThis is like a method of growing plants that goes in between hydroponics and the traditional way of planting in soil. Same as soil, these crystal soil beads hold up the plant and its root system, absorb and release water for the plant. But like hydroponics, it involves no dirt, is pest free, and easy in maintenance.

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Using Crystal Soil as Soil Additive

We simply add a small amount of crystal soil (aka soil moist) into the potting soil. In this case, the crystal soil is a soil additive for potted plants. Crystal soil functions as a water storage that retains moisture around the plant’s roots, constantly nourishes the plant with water.

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What is Crystal Soil?

Crystal soil (a.k.a. soil moist) is water absorbent polymer beads, which can absorb and hold up to 80-150 times of its volume of water for a long period of time. As a reservoir, crystal soil stores water and releases the water whenever the plant needs it.

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Ten Indoor Gardening Tips for Gardening Novices

Here are my top ten indoor gardening tips for gardening novices.

Tip 1 – Choose the Right Plant

Before you bring a houseplant into your house, you just have to make sure you can give what it needs to grow healthily. Choose only those plants that will be able to grow in the climate and condition of your room.  Here is a list of suitable houseplants with photos for indoor gardening that you may find helpful.

Tip 2 – Enough Sunlight?

echeveria-05Like oxygen and water, plants need sunlight to grow healthily. If your house does not have a lot of sunlight, and if you are not planning to use any artificial light, don’t worry, for you still have many options to choose from. Different types of houseplant require different amount of sunlight. There are many types of plants that thrive in medium to low light conditions, such as African violets, Boston ferns, Spathiphyllum, Philodendrons, and many more.

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