Tabletop Garden – Ocean Breeze

Tabletop Garden - Ocean Breeze

Tabletop Garden - Ocean BreezeInstead of soil, I have used crystal soil as the growing medium for this tabletop garden – Ocean Breeze.  Crystal soil makes good home decorations.  It involves no dirt, is pest free, and easy in maintenance.  And with food coloring, you can make the clear crystal soil beans in any color you want.

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Tabletop Garden – Kung Hei Fat Choi!

tabletop garden cny 02

A tabletop garden is a wonderful home decor item. And if you make your tabletop garden simple enough to alter and customize, it can be an excellent themed decoration in your home for many festival seasons.

The Chinese New Year of 2009 came earlier than usual, and the New Year’s Day of the Year of Ox fell on the 26th of January. So, instead of throwing away my Christmas-themed tabletop garden, I gathered some Chinese New Year decorations and reassembled the tabletop garden, and put together a tabletop garden of Chinese New Year theme.

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Tabletop Garden – My Star

Tabletop Garden - My Star

I made this tabletop garden, My Star, as a Christmas present for my dad last month.  And now, this tabletop garden is in my dad’s room as a table decoration.

I especially like the cacti and haworthia in this garden, for I think their colors matching very well with the stars and the orange-dressed, red-head girl.

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Tabletop Garden – After Jurassic

Table Garden After Jurassic 101

This is the second tabletop garden I made – After Jurassic.  It is made of four different types of cacti and succulents, and decorated with many sizes and colors of rocks, seashells, and corallite. Continue reading Tabletop Garden – After Jurassic

Tabletop Garden – Merry Christmas

Tabletop Garden Xmas 101

This is the very first tabletop garden I have ever made – Merry Christmas.  Obviously, I made this right before Christmas, making it a perfect home decor on the table for the holiday season. Continue reading Tabletop Garden – Merry Christmas